• Colin McLean

#FirstFooting #2019Goals

2019's finally landed and if it's anything like the last one, it's set to be a goodie. What with #DryJanuary, most of the country being fully stocked up booze from Christmas and everyone running a little low on the cash front, it's been a pretty gentle start from a production perspective. But we don't like to rest on our laurels and have been busy planning the year ahead. What's in store from McLean's in 2019? Here's our 8 Key Objectives:

2019's major focus; Something Blue

1. Something Blue - In 2019, our main focus is on the gin we created to celebrate our wedding; #SomethingBlue. As the world's first (and to our knowledge, only) #WeddingGin, we're sure she's destined for big things. We'll be pushing for Something Blue to become the "go-to" gin for wedding's in the UK (and beyond? You'll have to wait and see). Not getting hitched? Don't worry, it tastes pretty damn good whatever the reason/season!

2. Availability - We'll be the first to admit that our gin isn't easy to find. In 2019 we'll be hoping to increase our distribution and land our gin on many, many more shelves and gantries up and down the country. We'll be focusing primarily on working with small independents like ourselves - know of any we should be speaking to?

3. More Options - Our 70cl's look great, taste great and are the most economical option on a £/gin ratio. But we understand a 70cl of hand-crafted gin can have a detrimental effect on the purse, and so we'll be broadening our range to offer 20cl bottles and 5cl #GiftSets of our Core Range. Depending on how much you like them, we might try them out with The Seasonals, too.

4. Local Awareness - We're settling in well at our new digs, just outside the historical market-town of Strathaven, South Lanarkshire. We'll be focussing hard on spreading the word of McLean's within our new home town (and county) with plenty of tastings and events, and maybe even a Limited Edition release celebrating the flora & fauna of the area. And speaking of Limited Edition Gins...

5. New Gin - #SaveTheDate; 2nd June 2019. You won't want to miss this and, like our last Limited Edition release, we're certain that it won't hang around long.

6. Instagram - Oops. We fell off the wagon a little on this one. #Technophobia. We'll be re-starting our Instagram with a competition shortly. We're pretty sure you won't want to miss this, so give us a follow;. @mcleansgin. Not on Instagram? Don't worry, you'll find us on Facebook (and by our own admission, we're a lot more active on there anyway!). Just search "McLean's Gin" to stay up-to-date with everything we're up to and more. Competitions? We have a few in mind this year.

7. Collaborations - We love working with other small, local, independent and most importantly like-minded businesses, and have some interesting plans for the year ahead. We can't say much more on this quite yet, but watch this space carefully.

8. Miles - Okay, so it's probably more of a personal objective, but we've decided 2019's going to see us getting out more. You have to look after yourself sometimes, too! We're hoping to explore some of the beautiful sites our country has to offer, and rumour has it our gin's got the bug, too. She didn't complain once about the cold, nor leave mucky footprints in the van, so we're confident Something Blue will be joining us out on the hills again. She takes a fine photo, eh?

Until the next time! Colin McLean

Head Ginologist


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