Spiced (70cl)

Spiced (70cl)


A winter warmer, but with great Summer's day potential. 


Cinnamon? Check. Allspice? Check. Pine, angelica, ginger, fresh orange and that warm, Christmassy feeling? Check!

Our Winter seasonal; Spiced; is finished with a small handful of Madagascan Voatsiperifery. These tiny, tailed peppercorns add smoky, oaky, almost peaty notes to this festive tipple. A touch of Sweet Basil softens the spirit whilst adding to the overall complexity. 


It's out with the G&T and in with G&G this time...we'd recommend a splash of Ginger Ale and a slice of ripe orange or plum to garnish. Cocktails? Try a Hot Gin Punch by the fire, or a Spiced Apricot Spritz in the summer sunshine.