Strathaven Hedgerow (70cl)

Strathaven Hedgerow (70cl)


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Strathaven Hedgerow is a London Dry Gin crafted exclusively with botanicals foraged within our 5-mile “Daily Exercise” radius. Approximately 1,000 bottles will be produced annually; the result of 240 hours of botanical foraging and processing. The botanical profile will change each year, based on seasonal availability of botanical ingredients and our growing knowledge of our local flora. The 2020/2021 vintage comprises 11 botanicals in total, including brambles, gorse flowers, hawthorn berries, Scots pine needles and golden chanterelle mushrooms.


There is no single botanical jostling for attention here. Rather, there is an honesty to the flavour profile which comes from the natural pairing of its ingredients. Within this spirit are botanicals born and raised together, and that commonality of origin acts as a natural unifier.


The nose is light, clean and delicate; juniper is clearly present and with it, soft fruits, pine resin, garden herbs, wild flowers and rich, earthen flavours; all harmoniously intertwined.


The depth and luxuriance of the spirit; imparted by the abundance of fresh botanical flavours captured within it; becomes more apparent on the palate. Fuller of body than the nose lets on, sweet summer berries, resinous conifer needles and woody angelica begin to vie for dominance. None quite achieve it; creating a spirit of impeccable balance.


On the finish the sweeter, juicier botanicals linger the longest; complimented by a careful blend of florality and herbaceousness. Juniper momentarily shines once again; fleetingly accompanied by the quieting chatter of tartness and umami; earth and wood.


Strathaven Hedgerow makes a marvelously light and refreshing G&T; Fever-Tree Meditteranean or Walter Gregor Original are good bets here. Garnish with fresh citrus fruit; pink grapefruit peel or a slice of fresh orange would be our picks. Cocktails? Fruit-forward without being fruit “flavoured”, Strathaven Hedgerow makes a remarkable Bramble.